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Max Sports stocks the very best tennis balls for all requirements and occasions. Those looking for high quality, cheap balls have come to the right place as the balls we stock are manufactured from first-class materials, delivering unparalleled quality and performance. We offer a variety of tennis ball sizes to make sure that players of all ages can benefit from our great range. Our mini balls are designed specifically for youngsters whilst our fantastic training balls are made to withstand intensive use during court practice. You’ll also find high quality competition balls that are ideal for competitive club and tournament use. If you’re looking to maximise savings you can buy our tennis balls in bulk; ideal for schools, leisure centres and clubs that require large quantities of balls.


Head Tour (1 Doz)


Slazenger Wimbledon (1 Doz)

£4.99 £4.50
£4.99 £4.50
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Tretorn Micro X (1 Doz)


Tretorn Micro X (4b Tube)


Tretorn Plus (1 Doz)


Tretorn Pro Court (1 Doz)

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Wilson U.S. Open (1 Doz)