Shopping for a new tennis net can be little confusing at first, with so many different types, suppliers and prices. But don’t fear our handy tennis net buying guide will show you that there are really only 3 decisions you need make when deciding which type of tennis net is the best option for you. Once you have answered the three questions below you will be able to compare apples with apples and make sure you are getting the best price you possible.

Should I buy a Double Top Tennis Net or Single Top Tennis Net?

Let’ s start by answering what is a double top tennis net? Simply put the double top tennis net has a double layer of netting for the top 6 rows just below the head band.

The logic for creating a double top tennis net is straightforward, most balls that are hit into tennis nets impact the top six layers. When players miss they usually only narrowly miss and it is reasonably rare for the ball to impact below the top 6 rows of netting.

Therefore the benefit that a double top tennis net brings you over a single top tennis net is longevity. The double top netting lasts longer as the key impact area is reinforced with an extra layer of twine.

Unsurprisingly you will pay more for a double top tennis net, but you will get a more durable net capable of enduring more impacts in the area that tennis balls hit more often than not.

Which brings us to decision time, when deciding it all comes down to how often your court is going to be used. For home courts and low usage school courts we would suggest a single top netting would be fine but for any courts that have medium and high usage we would suggest that a choosing a tennis net with double top netting will ensure you get the most value out of your purchase.

Double Top 3.5mm Tennis Net

Double Top Tennis Net

3.5mm Single Top Tennis Net

Single Top Tennis Net

3.5mm Tennis Net Twine

3.5mm Championship Tennis Net Netting

2.5mm Matchplay Tennis Net

2.5mm Matchplay Tennis Net Netting

Championship – 3.5mm vs Matchplay – 2.5mm?

What is a championship net compared with a Matchplay net? The truth is that the difference between the two is predominately the thickness or the gauge of the twine used to manufacture the net. The Championship range of nets are all the thicker 3.5mm thick netting whereas the Matchplay range of tennis nets are all made from a 2.5mm twine.

As you would expect the Championship range are the more premium option. The thicker netting has a number of advantages:

  1. Durability – the thicker the netting the greater longevity.
  2. Aesthetic – the heavier net tends to look smarter on the court by bunching less.
  3. Performance – the sturdier net is more resistant to high winds.

When it comes to deciding on this product feature it all comes down to budget. We have laid out the benefits above and it just comes down to how much you want to spend. We don’t sell bad tennis nets, they are all great value for money

What’s the difference between a Woven and a Vinyl head band?

You will have seen both of these types of tennis net’s across courts all over the country. Without wanting to sound a little basic the vinyl head band is the shiny one and the woven one has a canvas look at feel.The woven head bands, also referred to as polyester woven, are the more popular choice in general however the vinyl ones are growing in popularity.

The woven head band gives you a more premium and traditional aesthetic. They are now nearly always made from polyester as you get the canvas look and feel but the extra weather resistance offered by polyester as a material. The vinyl head band is chosen usually for the fact that it is easier to clean.

The woven option is usually slightly more expensive than the vinyl, but when making this decision it largely comes down to personal preference. Our suggestion is if not sure then just check what you have had previously and go with that again especially if it is a club, school or university court. If you are buying for an indoor court then we would always suggest going for the woven headband.

2.5mm Tennis Net Quad Stitched

Woven Polyester Tennis Net Head Band

Matchplay Double Top Tennis Net - 2.5mm

PVC Vinyl Tennis Net Head Band

Quickfire Top Tips

Should I buy a net with side and bottom banding?

Yes! It protects the edges from damage due to impacts, erosion against the court and weather. It can make the net slightly more expensive but it is a feature that helps ensure you get value for money due to the longevity of the product.

Side Banding for Tennis Net

Quad Stitched headbands. Most tennis nets now have this, but always worth just checking that the headband is stitched with four rows. Another simple way to check that you are getting a high quality and durable product.

Quad Stitched Tennis Net Headband
  • Check that your net is for a standard tennis court or sometimes referred to as a doubles court. NOT A SINGLES COURT. Unless of course you are buying for a singles court but these are very rare and you would know if the court was singles court. The standard measurement for a tennis court tennis net is 42 feet or 12.8m long.
  • Check that the net wire is a loop & pin. If you are buying in the UK it is almost certain that you will require a loop & pin net wire. This is to do with how the net wire connects with the net post. So if you want to double check see how your current net connects with the winder mechanism on your tennis posts.